The Legacy of
Thyagi C. P. Elango

The legacy of C. P. Elango cannot be expressed in lines, but he has left a history in the state of Travancore where he lived a life for a noble cause. He had an inferno in him to alleviate the poor who were under the clutches of the upper clans. He developed a close friendship with an unforgettable personality, the communist veteran, Jeeva in jail. The life and principles of Jeeva inspired C. P. Elango to frame and develop a code of conduct and ideology that would be carried out throughout his life.

Thiyagi Elango‟s participation in the freedom struggle has its own place in the history of Indian independence. He was jailed for nine years by the British Raj for raising the Indian flag. He carried out lofty ideals concerning human development which helped elevate the tribals‟ lives in Kanyakumari district.

The Tamil Nadu Socialist Congress came into existence and he became its Deputy General Secretary. The honourable Chief Minister Kamaraj had remarkable respect and love for C. P. Elango. He was one of the staunch supporters of the communist party.

Giving great importance and consideration to public service, his life‟s works are to be remembered and followed for the benefit of our future. His memory cannot be eroded or wiped out. He was a man whose principles guided his life and left a definitive mark in the history of Kanyakumari.