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The understanding of the theory is always augmented by DOING. The school provides the most modern labs which are continually upgraded.

Theory is incomplete without practical. One needs to completely get involved in the various practical experiments whether it is chemistry, biology or physics, to get a thorough knowledge and understanding of what had been taught in the theory class.

Labs are neatly arranged with a view to a fresh approach. When a student walks in, the lab assistant and the teacher both assist him / her in understanding and undertaking experiments. The aim is to ensure that every student strengthens his / her knowledge of theory with lively practicals which will be remembered for ever.

Computer Lab

There are two computer laboratories for imparting basic computing skills to the primary and middle school students. Computer science is an optional subject for grades IX-XII and compulsory for students of grades I - VIII.

Smart Classrooms

At Comorin, quality education is an essential requisite in today’s competitive environment. Smart classes prove to be a modernized method of education providing sublime quality to students by helping them in better concept formation, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and creating academic achievements.

Math Lab

It is the place to explore and design new mathematical activities thereby increasing confidence level of a child. The activities help students to visualise, manipulate and reason.

Physics lab

The marvels of science can be experienced practically by the students in the state-of- the- art laboratory for physics. Laboratory work is a very important part of the course in general physics. It reinforces the students understanding of fundamental concepts and principles while, at the same time helps the students to develop skills in carrying out scientific measurement. We introduce students to the techniques of data gathering and analysis, students will learn to use laboratory equipment such as calipers, meters and even optical benches. Students will be taught to do selected experiments in mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism. Practical classes will be conducted for one hour per week for ICSE students and two hours per week for ISC students. During the summer camp, the students are allowed to use the lab to make their own project for Synchronize (science exhibition). At the end of the academic year, the students will be able to recognize the method of laboratory technique and analysis; recognize the relationship of experimentation to the growth and development of scientific theories.

Biology Lab

The life sciences laboratory is the place that provides scientific literacy for fundamental research where free, open and critical inquiry is pursued through hands-on experience across disciplines. The life sciences laboratory is airy and comfortable with all the safety measures.

  • A model of the human skeleton
  • Preserved specimens of plants and animals
  • Slides showing the internal and external morphology of various plants and animals
  • Microscopes with high resolutions and accuracy
  • Charts and audio-visual aids
  • Instruments for studying plants‟ physiological processes
  • Chemicals to study about the molecular and cellular structures and many things useful for experiments

Language Lab

The lab consists of 25 computers installed with software which enhances the skills of a student, teaches English and enhances ability to listen, speak, read and write (LSRW).

Chemistry lab

Science is different from any other subject. In order to understand its concepts, one has to look beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching. Effective teaching and learning of chemistry involves seeing and handling real objects and materials. The knowledge that kids attain in classrooms would be ineffectual unless they actually observe the process and understand the relationship between actions and reactions.

The chemistry laboratory plays a vital role in allowing students to carry out scientific experiments in the same way that professional scientists do. The laboratory is equipped with the latest state of the art apparatuses and is well stocked with the chemicals required for conducting practicals as per norms. The chemistry lab is impervious and has a chemically resistant work surface with almost all the accurate digital, measuring instruments required for measuring chemicals.

Comorin provides a well-furnished chemistry lab with all the needed equipment and chemicals to perform effective experiments. Necessary arrangements are made to ensure the safety of the budding scientists. Emphasis is given for a „hands on experience‟ to inculcate a habit of inquisitiveness to provide an opportunity to explore and give shape to new ideas. Students also learn about various preparation methods, identification and estimation of chemical substances.

Lab facilities