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ALUMNI Association

Comorin seems to be like a place in a fairy-tale where diversity and academic excellence are in perfect harmony. The students are really connected with values. For any institution, alumni are key to its growth. We are focused on giving a global experience to our students. They were given great opportunities to discover their talents, exhibit the ideas and develop their personality. Alumni have won many accolades for the school which gave us lot of pride. We are still proud to remember our first passed out, special batch of students of ICSE in 2012-13 and ISC batch in 2015-16.
Comorin has a fantastic reputation both for its academics and cocurricular activities. Alongside the incredible cultural variety, it is believed to be the best place for the students to develop academically and as a young adult. The Alumni share their fondest memories, the time spent with friends and teachers and involvement in the „house‟ competitions. They have been not only taught a lot of valuable lessons about leadership but also provided ample space for them to execute it during their school time.
Comorin sets challenges far beyond those of other schools. More importantly, they challenge them to be independent. We believe that our students should continue to benefit from our vast and varied competency skills imparted to them. This would enhance them to manage multi-tasking in their professional life.