Other Activities

At CIS, we aim to prepare students for the challenging and competitive world through projects, assessments and examinations, we also inculcate the passion in every child to grow in their field of interest. To enable this objective, we have various activities introduced and complementing staff who have eye for detail to notice the talent in every child and help nurturing the same without compromise. We deliver quality teaching, combined with extra-curricular activities to maintain a healthy balance of academics, sports, music and drama.

We deliver quality teaching, combined with extra-curricular activities to maintain a healthy balance of academics, sports, music and drama.

Performance and Visual Art

We at CIS, prepare our students through a variety of skills, resources and methodologies, to be an active and dynamic performer within the context of performance and visual art. We encourage our students to explore the complexity of the artistic world, and prepare them to be reflective and critical, and to make work that shows an independence of mind.

Science and Technologies

In light of the importance of science and technology in the world today, we at CIS are dedicated to promote research and teaching about scientific knowledge and technologies. In our invention club, the students are encouraged to conduct advanced research, understand historical inventions, study the normative issues entangled in scientific developments, and overall understand the place of science and technology in the modern world.


Sports are an essential part of character building. Understanding this crucial aspect, we at CIS have state-of-the-art facilities for both indoor sports complex and outdoor games. Trained professional coaches are made available for active learning and progress in each field of students’ interest.

Outdoor sports facilties includes- Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Skating etc Indoor sports complex includes- Table Tennis, Chess, and Carom etc

Leadership Camp

Developing the leader within every child

Whilst our aim is to encourage born leaders at CIS, we are also determined to create and awaken the leadership traits available in every child. To accomplish this objective, we have designed designated activities which support our students to participate and earn the desired outcome.

The situations and environment created to enhance the leadership qualities will challenge the students to break open the qualitative thinking, creative thinking and apply problem-solving techniques in their own style, which embraces the leadership qualities within them and inspires our students to be the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Smart class

Smart technology empowered

In this fast-paced progressive world, we ensure to keep pace with progressive learning methodologies through empowered learning environment at CIS. Hence, our school has a facility of computer-aided teaching in most of the classrooms. This enables the teacher to have a wide range of learning materials for display, easy navigation and access to related materials that enables quality learning.

The Smartclass facility also enables teacher-student interactions, discussions and usage of digital resources such as animation, videos, diagrams, maps, graphs, models, and many more technology applications.

Math and Language lab

Enabling the experiential education

Aristotle once said, “for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn doing them.”

Inspired by this thought, we at CIS have created an ideal environment for experiential learning. Learning through reflection on doing, feeling, sensing and observing, creates an environment that enables learning through ones discoveries and experiments with first-hand knowledge, instead of hearing or reading about others experiences.

The Math Lab at CIS comprises of technology applications, manipulative and measuring instruments and charts that provide valuable experiential learning and contribute significantly to the student's overall understanding of the real-time environment.

The Math and Language labs at CIS comprises of technology applications, videos, manipulative and measuring instruments, charts, audio-visual installations for language learning, providing valuable experiential learning and contributing significantly to the student’s overall understanding of the real-time environment.