About us

Comorin International School (CIS) is promoted by Thiyagi Elango Memorial Trust, constituted in 2006 by E.Lekshmanan, a visionary and creative leader.

Centered on the thought of discovering and enriching each child’s potential, CIS is adopting various practical and meaningful learning methodologies to enable efficient teaching. The aim is to provide experiential learning that is effective, easily absorbing and enhances the child’s growth in the long run.

At CIS, we believe in the all-round development of a child. We promote innovative teaching methods which motivate the child to be actively involved in learning new things, build competencies and encourage curiosity to discover answers.

Apart from cutting-edge academic programmes, we encourage our students to be daring risk-takers and proactive learners. The world-class education imparted here in combination with the supportive and caring environment helps children to realize their fullest potential and scale pinnacles of success with ease.